Why Choose To Buy A Property In Golden Eagle Plantation


It is when you will be looking for the Golden Eagle Plantation that it is located at the northeast Tallahassee only 10 miles south of Georgia. It is here that you will not find it hard to make new friends. If you are a  jogger,   cyclist,  joggers, skateboarder or a dog walker, ten you will definitely love it here as they have a low-speed limit of 25 mph. It is also possible to juts stop by and have a chat with your neighbors on the road.

It is when you will be a retiree that you will  truly appreciate the tennis courts, country club activities, the golf course. It is the excellent school district that young kids will love especially of you have children. It is when you will live in this place  that some  top notch schools are located like the Deerlake Middle, Killearn Lakes Elementary, and Chiles High school. Architectural, Roads and Drainage, Beautification, and Security Committees s what the HOA  also offers to most of its residents. It is with the help of these activities that the  look of the of the place will be maintained and improved.

Recently, you will be able to  see around 800 houses on the Tom Fazio golf course. A  half an acre of land is where these houses are standing which are mostly made from bricks. Much like   a landlocked home is what the houses along the golf course and lake will be . The prices of these homes will usually range from $400,000 to just over $1,000,000.

Various country club memberships are also being offered for the residents of this pace. It is not really necessary to be a member of the country club. Since they have a championship course, then it will not be hard for residents to consider joining the club. It is te  golf course that is considered as the main attraction of the area as it is designed by a world-class designer. When you talking about the golf course, it is this one that provides  a god challenge for players and provides a great view of the people that lived there. It is when you will be taking  a look at the golf course that you will see a lot of sand, water, trees and sloping terrain. It is also in Golden Eagle that you will see two tennis facilities. It is here that you will see traditional courts and a state of the art HydroCourt. Adjacent it the swimming pools is where you will find the tennis court. Several tennis tournament are also  held in this place. It is also the Landing Snack Bar where you will be able to have snacks and food after  a day of playing. You can contact Joe is your Golden Eagle Plantation real estate agent here!


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